AquaTerra Coaching Tri and Bike kit now available!

Very excited to announce that AquaTerra Coaching, LLC team kits are now available! These high quality triathlon and cycling apparel items are available for ordering through the AquaTerra Coaching Team Store now!

Order now through the AquaTerra Coaching Team Store!

The Jakroo COMP PRO Tri Short is the perfect balance of performance and comfort. The breathable and compressive Italian fabrics dry quickly after your swim, are aerodynamic on the bike, and are comfortably compressive on the run. The quick-drying chamois is thin enough to be unnoticeable on the swim and run, but comfortable and protective while on the bike! I can attest to this from personal use!

The Jakroo ELITE custom tri top is made with soft and highly breathable AirStream Italian fabric for an incredible aerodynamic fit. Excellent for racing in warmer conditions, regardless of distance. The fit and moisture wicking properties will serve you well through swim, bike and run!

The Jakroo NOVA Jersey features a form-fitting cut that slices through wind, and lightweight Italian fabrics that wick away sweat. Features also include 5cm longer sleeves, a tapered collar, waterproof zipper pocket and additional reflective elements. The pockets are deep enough to hold several energy bars, phones (I have a “Plus sized” smartphone in a heavy-duty case, and it fits completely and securely inside the pockets), and other assorted necessities securely, but they’re very easy to access while riding!

Other apparel items can be ordered as well, and everything comes in both Men and Women’s cuts, and sizes from XXS all the way to XXXL are available, in either standard or slim fit.

Come and join the AquaTerra Coaching team and look great while racing better than ever!

AQTC Team Kit.png

Well that was Quick!

The Freestyle Swim Clinic on Monday nights Mar 11 - Apr 8 is Full! Registration is Closed. It took less than 18 hours to sell out! So glad to see there’s so much interest in getting faster! Can’t wait to get started! 🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️