Freestyle Technique Swim Clinic presented by Excel Swimming & AquaTerra Coaching, LLC

Is swimming the most difficult part of your triathlon? Do you WANT to get faster and more confident, but don’t know how? Do you spend hours and hours at the pool, trying to make improvements, only to see the same exact times showing up on the clock at the end of each set?

Well then this is the clinic for you! Excel Swimming and AquaTerra Coaching, LLC are teaming up to provide a LIMITED NUMBER of swimmers and/or triathletes a chance to REALLY get to know how to move faster through the water!

Specific freestyle technique skills will be taught for body line and balance; long-axis rotation and core connection; reducing resistance; distance-per-stroke; efficiency, comfort and confidence in the water.

We will keep you moving and engaged with constant instruction, feedback and skill progression repetition. It is highly recommended that you practice skills between each class and make every effort to attend all classes (each learned skill builds on the previous week’s instruction). Follow-up email with class focus points, article and/or video link after each session.

Join us Monday evenings beginning March 11, 2019 at 6:30pm. These five classes over five weeks will revolutionize your understanding of swimming, and will give you the knowledge and the tools needed to be able to continue to work on and refine your technique.