About the Bike

In our opinion, one of the most misunderstood parts of triathlon is the bike leg. How hard do I need to go? How come that guy/lady is so much faster than me? How much do I need to spend? These and many, many more questions will be explained, and a training plan will be designed for your specific needs.

Bikes come in a wide variety of sizes and styles - which bike should you get? Do you have to get a tri-bike? We can tell you right now - you need to get the bike that fits you. Since we don’t sell bikes, we can help cut through the clutter that is advertising and gimmicks, and work with you to get you riding on the Best-Bang-For-Your-Buck bike. If you already have a bike, we can work with you to decide whether or not to upgrade certain components, and make the most of what you do have.

You’ll hear a lot about things like aerodynamics, watts, and threshold power. We’ll help explain what these terms mean, both technically, and what they mean to YOU and your racing. As someone once said, it’s not all about the bike. It’s about being able to RUN after getting off the bike!