To-Refresh Deodorizer


To-Refresh Deodorizer

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All natural, essential oil based disinfectant. Kills 99.9% of germs and odor causing bacteria.

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A Must-Have for Athletes! Odor is caused by bacteria. To-Refresh is an all natural disinfectant made of a proprietary blend of essential oils. Non-toxic and non-staining, a few squirts of To-Refresh on your clothes, gym bag, or in your sneakers, and enjoy the sweet smelling essential oils on the fabric surfaces, where it kills the bacteria.

Commercial spray deodorants contain a range of potentially hazardous air pollutants that can impair air quality and even your health. Even the so-called “green” or “organic” commercial air freshener sprays can emit hazardous air pollutants.

Scientists who specialize in indoor and indoor air quality warn:

  • Fewer than 10% of air freshener ingredients are typically disclosed to the public.

  • Over 20% of the general US population report adverse health effects from air fresheners.

By using real essential oils - which are cost prohibitive at large retail volumes - you’re getting a chemical-free, all natural spray which is safe for use anywhere! It’s totally kid & pets safe!

To-Refresh is a woman-owned and operated boutique business, located in Northport, NY. AquaTerra Coaching, LLC is an authorized distributor of this product. Be advised that due to the use of real essential oils, availability of this product may be limited.